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Yangon is the largest city of Myanmar (formerly Burma). It is famous for British colonial architecture, modern high-rise buildings and gilded Buddhist pagodas. Thousands of pilgrims annually visit the famous pagoda Shuadagon, amazing in its size. Also in the city are the Botataung and Sule pagodas, which store relics of Buddhists.

Area: 598.75 km²

Population: 7,610,700(2014)

Area code: 0095(1)

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Weather: Yangon has a tropical monsoon climate. Although it is tropical but has no sultry heat, the average temperature is 27°C. The annual average temperature differs by less than 8 degrees. It is sunny for half a year, rainy for half a year, and the climate is pleasant. Located in the tropics, the soil of Yangon is a fertile alluvial soil. The year is divided into three seasons, the summer season, the rainy season, and the cool season. The temperature in the summer season is usually 33 degrees Celsius. The city is rich in rainfall every year. In Yangon, from October to February, it is the most pleasant season. Under the indigo sky, the flowers bloom, the weather is cool, and the wind is breezy.