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Xi'an is called Chang'an in ancient times. It is located in the central and western part of China and is the capital of Shaanxi Province. This city with the thriving and declining of 13 dynasties is like a huge museum. The terracotta warriors, one of the eight wonders of the world, the ancient walls that have passed through the vast seas, and dayan pagodas that once contained the Tianzhu scriptures... The bricks and tiles left by the ancients all reveal the historical details.

Area: 9,983 km²

Population: 6501190

Area code: 29

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Weather: In Xi’an, the summers are hot, muggy, wet, and partly cloudy and the winters are very cold, dry, and mostly clear. Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from -4°C to 32°C and is rarely below -8°C or above 37°C. Based on the tourism score, the best times of year to visit Xi’an for warm-weather activities are from early May to late June and from mid August to early October.