Special passenger rules

Operation Process for Special Passenger

  1. 1. Definition


Stretcher Passenger:During the travelling, passengers who cannot board or disembark by themselves as well as take seat in the aircraft cabin duo to the serious illness (injury), can apply the stretcher services to JC Airlines.


  1. 2. Notice


(1) Each flight can only accept one stretcher passenger, which is generally placed in economy class.

(2) Passengers must check in 180 minutes before flight departure.

(3) Passengers should apply for stretchers at least 2 working days in advance.

(4) Passengers who is in a state of shock could not be carried.

(5) When VVIP is on board, the stretcher passengers will not be carried.

(6) If a medical oxygen device should be used in this flight, an application must be made to JC Airlines at the same time as the ticket purchase, and the oxygen fee is waived.

  1. 3. Medical certificate


(1) When booking a stretcher ticket, you must inform JC Airlines of your needs. If JC Airlines has not received the medical certificate issued by the hospital, the passenger shall not be accepted; and the passenger shall fill out a waiver to indicate responsibility for any accident on board.

(2) The stretcher passenger must be accompanied by at least one doctor or paramedic (the escort is a person who can fully assist the stretcher passenger in any emergency situation). If it is explicitly mentioned in the medical certificate that the patient does not need medical treatment during the trip, he or she can also be accompanied by his or her family or guardian.

(3) The hospital where the stretcher passengers are staying should send the required documents to the person in charge of the airport at least 2 days (working days) before the departure. After obtaining approval from the head of the airport, the passenger or hospital should send a copy to JC Airlines for follow-up processing and retain the copy in an ambulance to show the airport gate (for Cambodia).

(4) The passenger must provide JC Airlines with all the information of the stretcher passenger and escort at least 6 hours before departure, including but not limited to a letter of exemption, a doctor's certificate, a copy of the passport, a doctor / nurse certificate, an ambulance license plate number After) etc.

  1. 4. Fare


(1) The charge standard for stretcher passengers is 9 Y-classes fare of the flight segment + 1 airport taxes and other taxes + 9 fuel costs.

(2) The fare of the accompanying person is the fare of the Y class of the flight segment.

(3) The above fare calculation is only applicable to the segments which is carried by JC Airlines. If a stretcher passenger's voyage includes a segment that is transported with other carriers, it shall be calculated in accordance with the relevant Airlines’ rule.

  1. 5. Re-book and Refund


Except for the demand for refunds caused by force majeure, refunds are not allowed under normal circumstances.

  1. 6. Baggage allowance


The free baggage allowance for stretcher passengers is determined based on the actual number of tickets purchased by passengers.

  1. 7. Contact details


(1) Directly go to the ticket office of JC Airlines.

(2) Call to the ticket office : +855 666 888