Baggage rules

The Baggage rules with Terms and Condition

  1. 1. Carry-on Baggage


For the routes operated by JC International Airlines, each passenger can carry 1 piece of baggage and 1 carry-on item.


The suitcase must meet the following requirements:


• The size must not exceed 55 cm (length) * 40 cm (width) * 23 cm (height).

• Can be placed in the cabin rack.


Personal belongings must meet the following requirements:


• Foldable clothing baggage must not exceed 57 cm (length) * 54 cm (width) * 15 cm (height).

• Can be placed under the front seat.


The total weight of the two pieces of baggage must not exceed 7 kg. If it cannot be placed under the seat or in the overhead compartment, or if improper packaging occurs, JC may not accept the hand baggage.

  1. 2. Checked Baggage


(1)The checked baggage allowance is 20KG for every occupied seat passenger.

(2)The passenger must check the baggage on the basis of the actual carrier's valid ticket for JC .Check in the baggage when the flight is checked out on the day of departure.

(3)The maximum weight and maximum size of a single piece of checked baggage shall not exceed 32 kg and 185 cm (length + width + height) respectively. Overweight and extra large items (except for walkers, sports equipment, etc.) must be repackaged or split into lighter units or they will not be checked.

  1. 3. Excess checked Baggage


(1)  Excess checked baggage means the part of the passenger's checked baggage and self-care baggage that exceeds the passenger's weight or piece of free baggage allowance.

(2) Passengers shall pay excess baggage fees for their excess baggage, and the carrier and authorized agent shall fill in the excess baggage and transport them.

  1. 4. Excess checked baggage fees


(1)Cambodian domestic segment (per passenger/per segment)

purchase channel





24 hours before flight departure

Airport counter



(2)International flight segment


• Official website overweight baggage pre-purchase fees:


Calculate excess weight

USD (per passenger / per flight segment)

Interval A: 0kg < total excess weight ≤ 5kg


Interval B: 5kg < total excess weight ≤ 15kg


Interval C: 15kg < total excess weight ≤ 25kg


Interval D: 25kg < total excess weight ≤ 35kg



•  Check-in excess baggage charges at the check-in counter:


If the passenger purchases excess baggage allowance at the airport check-in counter, the fee is as follows: $10 per kg.



•  Please pre-purchase excess baggage allowance on the official website 24 hours prior to flight departure;


•  Excess baggage allowance for each section (A/B/C/D) for each segment of the seated passenger;


• The maximum excess baggage allowance that can be purchased is 5kg or 15kg or 25kg or 35kg;


• If the passenger (pre-purchased excess baggage allowance on the official website) needs to purchase the excess baggage allowance again at the airport check-in counter, the fee is as follows: $10 per kg.


For example, if a passenger carries more than 25kg of baggage (15kg overweight baggage has been pre-ordered on the official website), he will be charged $40 + $10 * 10kg = $140.

  1. 5. Terms and conditions

(1)Consignment of excess baggage shall be subject to JC Airlines's General Regulations and its regulations.


(2)JC Airlines reserves the right to refuse to accept baggage for any reason stated in the “Basket of Baggage Transportation” section of any General Transportation Regulations.


(3)The pre-purchased excess baggage allowance is not transferable and must be used for the flight segment selected at the time of purchase.


(4)The pre-purchased excess baggage allowance is only applicable to flights operated by JC.


(5)The pre-purchased excess baggage allowance must be used together with a valid e-ticket.


(6)If the pre-purchased excess baggage allowance exceeds the passenger's actual checked baggage weight, the difference is not refundable. If the actual baggage weight exceeds the pre-purchased excess baggage allowance, the passenger will be required to pay an additional excess baggage fee.


(7)Due to the passenger's own reasons, the amount of baggage purchased cannot be refunded; if the flight is canceled or changed due to the flight company, passengers who do not receive protection can apply for a refund by mail. Request a refund email address at


(8)If the flight is cancelled or changed, we need to transport you to the destination indicated on your ticket through another carrier's service. The pre-purchased excess baggage amount cannot be transferred to another carrier. The flight is used.


(9)The pre-purchased excess baggage allowance cannot be changed. If you would like to change the date or time when you book your flight online, you will need to contact JC to transfer the excess baggage allowance you have purchased to your new flight reservation.


(10) The pre-purchased excess baggage allowance is not applicable to intermodal tickets.


(11) If there are no details in this document, please refer to “JC Air Transport General Regulations”.


(12)JC Aviation reserves the right to modify, cancel or change these terms, conditions and prices.


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