Cookie Policy

In order to make sure our services are as user-friendly as possible, we use cookies.

A "cookie" is a small text file. When you visit a website, a web server (such as the web server) sends the file to your browser. The so-called "session cookie" will expire after the end of the browser session and record your activity during the browser session. In contrast, "permanent cookies" are also stored on your terminal to record your settings or activities on multiple websites.

Cookies don't pose a risk to your computer. They are just plain text files, not executable programs.

The cookies on the JC AIRLINES website make it easy for users to browse the web and support market research, advertising and collecting usage data. In addition, we use cookies for web tracking, which provides the foundation for personalized content.

In addition to the "session cookie" (deleted after the browser session ends), we also place a permanent cookie. These cookies will be saved permanently until the user deletes them. However, the cookies we use do not contain any personal data.

The storage and deletion of cookie files depend on your browser settings. If the file is stored, our web server can identify your terminal. The next time you visit a website, or switch between features that require a password, the cookie will save the information you re-entered. In this way, cookies make it easier for you to use websites that need to enter user information. In addition, as long as you allow permission, cookies can help us provide you with a more personalized and comprehensive web browsing experience.

These benefits are all possible unless you explicitly deny and deactivate cookies as follows:

You can set your browser to accept our cookies or use our website without the cookie feature. However, in the second case, we will not be able to save the text content you entered into the form fields, which cannot be used for future searches. You can only re-enter data when you visit our website again. In this case, we will not be able to present you with customized content.

Your browser may have been set to display a warning each time a cookie is received. Every time you open a web page on our website, the identification cookie must be sent once, and the warning message will greatly affect your experience. Therefore, we recommend that you set your browser to always accept cookies from JC Aviation. You can edit this setting for a specific website.

Please visit or for more information on using and disabling cookies.

Regardless of whether you have saved your cookies or not, for security reasons, you must still log in each time you visit an area on our website that requires registration.

Third-party data content is also included on JC AIRLINES website. These third-party providers can set up cookies, and if you visit a website, they may use this type of settings to get information about what you are searching for on the website. To learn more about the use of cookies by third-party providers, please visit their web pages. Your use of cookies requires your permission, and if you decide to disagree or disapprove of the use of cookies (disable cookies), you will only be able to use the features on our website that do not use cookies.