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Self-media specialist

1. Job responsibilities:

1) Responsible for the company's self-media system (including but not limited to Weibo, WeChat public number, Baidu Baijia, Zhihu, Phoenix from media number, Penguin from media number, QQ public number, Facebook, line, yidian, today's headlines, pear video Operation, construction and real-time release of Tencent Video, Youku Video, etc. 2) Responsible for the company's propaganda filming, photography, and strong shooting ability; 3) Self-media marketing strategy planning; 4) Fan maintenance; 5) The specific implementation of public relations public opinion monitoring; 6) Other work assigned by the leadership.

2. Job requirements:

1) Major: journalism, business administration, economics, public administration, Chinese 2) Strong writing skills, graphic design skills, and advertising operations 3) Familiar with modern enterprise brand system, rich experience in public relations management, familiar with magazine operations, strong learning ability, and able to complete various self-media operations; 4) English cet-4.