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Fare Rate Specialist

1. Job responsibilities:

1) Complete routine maintenance of the fare rate system 2) Regularly count and improve the company's fare rate; 3) Real-time entry, delivery and inspection of fare rates as required; 4) Maintain contact with suppliers of tariff systems to obtain industry information; 5) Responsible for other assignments.

2. Requirements:

1) Education: Bachelor degree or above; 2) Professional: Professional is not limited; 3) Work experience: More than 1 year relevant work experience.

3. Ability requirements:

1) Have a good command of English, fluent in spoken English is preferred; 2) Strong execution and meticulous work attitude 3) Understand the principles and instructions of each fare rate system of civil aviation; 4) Understand the fare rate law of the civil aviation market and the way the freight rate is issued; 5) Understand the terms and problems of the tariff settlement; 6) Understand the internal agreements of various civil aviation.