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Electronic system engineer

1.Job responsibilities:

1) Responsible for the reception and evaluation of ATA20, 22, 23, 31, 34, 42-46 chapters AD and SB; 2) Compile EO for the assessed AD and SB as needed, and propose a plan for the implementation cycle; 3) Responsible for the compilation and update of the professional work card; 4) Responsible for the initial configuration and continuous configuration management of the professional aircraft; 5) Responsible for the technical support and production cooperation of this major on the route; 6) Responsible for the work card preparation for terrain and obstacle database monitoring and updating; 7) Complete other tasks assigned by the leader.


1) Bachelor degree or above, major in electronics and communication engineering; 2) Hold a basic license for maintenance personnel; 3) Have more than 3 years of front-line work experience, and more than 2 years of work experience in engineering management positions; 4) Hold A320 type certificate; 5) English CET-4; 6) Proficiency in reading technical documents; 7) Strong independent working ability, strong coordination ability, strong sense of responsibility at work; integrity, no criminal record.