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CFM56-5B Engineering-Engine Engineer

1. Job responsibilities

1) Responsible for the reception and evaluation of ATA49 and 70-80 chapters AD, SB\SL, NUPI file classification and sorting; 2)Compile EO for the assessed AD, SB\SL as required, and propose an estimated plan for the implementation cycle, especially the preliminary contact with the aviation material supplier, and then transfer it to the aviation material department after confirmation to ensure the continuous airworthiness of the professional components; 3)Responsible for the compilation and update of the work order card of the profession, especially the change update and change of the work order card caused by the change of the maintenance procedure after the manual update; 4)Responsible for the initial configuration and continuous configuration management of the professional aircraft; 5)Responsible for the professional technical support and production cooperation for the airline. 6)Complete other tasks assigned by the leader.


1)Bachelor degree or above from civil aviation or aviation college, major in engine; 2)Hold the CCAR-66 basic license; 3)Have more than 3 years of front-line work experience, and more than 2 years of work experience in engineering management positions; 4)A320 model certificate is preferred; 5)English CET-6 or above, those with rich work experience can relax English to CET-4