Dear All,

        In order to prevent and stop the spread of COVID-19, the STATE SECRETARIAT OF CIVIL AVIATION revised the relevant policies for Cambodian entry on May 20, 2020. Important tips:

        1.To enter Cambodia, you must have an English version of the nucleic acid test certificate issued by the medical institution within 72 hours (the test result must be negative), a valid visa issued by the Cambodian embassy or consulate abroad, and the insurance amount is not less than 50,000 US dollars and is applicable to Medical insurance throughout Cambodia.

        2.According to the latest policy issued by the Cambodian government, non-Cambodian citizens who enter Cambodia are required to provide US$3,000 as a deposit to pay for related expenses such as isolation, testing, and treatment in Cambodia.

        3.As the Cambodian government suspends acceptance of visas on arrival and electronic visas, you must apply for a valid visa at the Cambodian embassies and consulates before entering Cambodia.

        4.When you enter Cambodia, the Cambodian government will arrange for all passengers (including Cambodian citizens) to go to the designated place for unified nucleic acid testing until the test results come out. If a passenger on your flight has a positive nucleic acid test result, all passengers on that flight will be scheduled to be quarantined for 14 days at a place designated by the Cambodian government. If the nucleic acid test results of all passengers on the flight you take are negative, all passengers of the flight must be self-quarantined at home under the supervision of the local health department for 14 days, and a nucleic acid test must be performed on the 13th day of self-quarantine.

         The following is attached to the notice issued by the Civil Aviation Administration of Cambodia. All information is subject to the official notice of the STATE SECRETARIAT OF CIVIL AVIATION.