Company information

Company Information

JC (CAMBODIA) International Airlines is constructed of sole proprietorship by Yunnan Jingcheng Group Co,.Ltd. with registered capital of 50 million US dollars. The total investment will be 1 billion US dollars. JC (CAMBODIA) International Airlines received Initial Principle Approval from the Royal Government of Cambodia dated 14 October 2014. On 17-MAR-2017,JC launched its inaugural service.

The LOGO of JC (Cambodia) International Airlines is original from Rice flower, the national flower of Cambodia which has the color of red and blue from the national flag of Cambodia, for highlighting the Unique Regional Characteristic Otherwise, the bright type of LOGO also means the best future of JC Airlines.Now JC has started to build Head Quarter in Phnom Penh city. The total construction area is around 23,000 square meters and estimate to complete at the end of 2019. In the meantime, JC (CAMBODIA) International Airlines Co., Ltd. invested in 11.2 hectares of land nearby Sihanoukville Airport (KOS) to construct operation base and training center.

The total fleet of JC (CAMBODIA) International Airlines Co., Ltd. is 5 aircrafts, type is AIRBUS A320. The staff members come from Cambodia, Japan, Korea, Australia, Thailand, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Slovenia, Indonesia, Canada, Malaysia, Greece, and China. Pilots of JC are mainly coming from Taiwan (China), crew members mainly from Cambodia, and the maintenance groups is consisted by the staffs from China, Indonesia, Philippines.JC Airlines has enough professional technical staffs as the strong support, and has operated to nowadays without any accidents by the methods of “Safety is the first priority” and “promote service quality”.

As of August 2019 we are lunching the following routes

Sihanoukville = Phnom Penh Sihanoukville = Siem Reap Sihanoukville = Hangzhou Sihanoukville = Chongqing Sihanoukville = Guangzhou Sihanoukville=Shenzhen Sihanoukville=Nanning Sihanoukville=Jinjiang Sihanoukville=Macao(China)
Sihanoukville=Siem Reap=Xi’an Sihanoukville=Bangkok Sihanoukville=Wuhan Sihanoukville=Xiamen Sihanoukville=Sanya Phnom Penh=Siem Reap Phnom Penh=Bangkok Phnom Penh=Taipei(China) Phnom Penh=Macao(China)
Phnom Penh=Chengdu Phnom Penh=Siem Reap=Hefei Phnom Penh=Macao(China)=Mandalay Siem Reap=Chongqing Siem Reap=Macao Siem Reap=Taipei(China) Siem Reap=Sipsongpanna

JC (CAMBODIA) International Airlines Co., Ltd. will create the products of “Cambodia Passing Flying” by based on ASEAN Region, and rely on China as well as radiation to Southeast Asia and South Asia as well as enhance consolidating Northeast Asia and connecting Europe, America and Australia, for implementing four-layer network layout: The first layer is the network in Cambodia, the second layer is the network from Cambodia to ASEAN countries, the third layer is the network from Cambodia to East Asia and South Asia, and the fourth layer is the network radiated to Europe, America and Australia through the combined transportation with foreign airlines companies. And finally establishes route network layout which regards Cambodia as the Central Hub, and flying around South Asia and Southeast Asia, for becoming the air bridge between Cambodia and the places all over the world.JC (CAMBODIA) International Airlines is the important investing program after the state visiting to Cambodia by, Xi Jinping, the General Secretary of the Central Committee of China, as well as the investing program of Yunnan Jingcheng Group who is active integration into the “Belt and Road” policy’s initiative, and JC Airlines also has been highly valued and supported by the Cambodian Government.