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JC Aviation organizes new flight attendant training


On May 1, 2019, Cambodia JC International Airlines organized a new flight training in the training room on the third floor of the Phnom Penh Headquarters Building. A total of 17 people from Cambodia and 3 flight attendants from Japan participated in the training. The training was hosted and taught by lecturers from JC Aviation Cabin, LIM Techngou and SUN Dara. In the classroom, every flight attendant treats and participates in the training with a serious attitude and full enthusiasm. With the lectures given by the lecturers, each flight attendant has carefully and carefully understood the brand culture of JC Aviation, and has shown great expectations for the flight attendants that will be engaged in the future. At the same time, the addition of the new flight attendants has injected fresh blood into JC Aviation. This will definitely enable JC Aviation to further enhance its service quality and enhance its service awareness on the existing basis. The passenger-oriented principle further optimizes the existing service content to provide all passengers with a more complete, detailed and intimate flight service and flight experience. At the same time, JC Aviation introduced a new flight attendant in May, which is another important measure for the company's business development. It also fully demonstrates JC Aviation's determination and actions to enhance its self-brand value. This also means that JC Aviation has always been pragmatic and sincere, dedication and dedication, as well as the determination to be firm, steady, steady, hard work, contribution to society, and not forget the original intention, in order to fulfill the promotion of Cambodia's economic progress and the solemn commitment to the development of the aviation industry in Southeast Asia.

JC Aviation staff retrieves lost passports for passengers


On May 1, 2019, on the QD513 flight of JC Aviation Westport to Phnom Penh, Chinese passenger Zhou accidentally left his passport on the plane until the next day when he will fly to Shenzhen at 11:40. He found that the passport had been lost and faced the risk of being unable to return to China and the subsequent itinerary would be forced to cancel. Mr. Zhou found the catering director of the JC Aviation Service Department, Liao Caitang, under the urgency of time and anxiety. After learning the situation, Liao Caizhen immediately put down the work at hand, and quickly contacted the colleagues on duty yesterday, and learned that Mr. Zhou’s passport was indeed picked up on the flight and sent to the Lost and Found office. Considering that the Lost and Found Office is located in the airport control area, Liao Caitang immediately settled Mr. Zhou and took his relevant information and went there alone. In the Lost and Found Office of the Airport Control Zone, Mr. Zhou retrieved his passport, which enabled Mr. Zhou to leave the country smoothly and continue the journey. Mr. Zhou was happy and immediately took out $100 to express his gratitude, but Liao Caizhen insisted on not accepting it and stressed that this was her responsibility. Finally, Mr. Zhou expressed his gratitude to Liao Caitang and JC Aviation for repeatedly, and said goodbye after shaking hands with Liao Caitang. Liao Caizhen’s search for lost passports for passengers not only fully demonstrates that every employee of JC Aviation is based on the essential position, working hard, and wholeheartedly serving the passengers, but also showed that JC Aviation always takes passengers as god and wholeheartedly provide the purpose of providing quality service to passengers. At the same time, Liao Caitang's business is to pass positive energy in JC Aviation, which is worth learning for each of our employees.

JC Aviation opens air medical access for the first time to protect "stretchers"


On April 8, 2019, the Phnom Penh-Chengdu QD738 flight ushered in a special "stretcher passenger." Passengers need to return to China for treatment due to pelvic fracture. After receiving the request from the patient company, JC Aviation quickly carried out a series of work to build an air medical channel. The construction of this air medical channel is the first time that JC Aviation has guaranteed "stretchers". JC Aviation did not fear the difficulties and was not afraid of hard work. The task was completed rigorously, efficiently and safely. The procedure for guaranteeing the "stretcher passengers" is very complicated. It is necessary to coordinate the relevant first aid, security, safety and other departments, and also need to modify the cabin seats. In order to protect the "stretcher passengers", JC Aviation is led by the Operation Control Department to organize the departments of maintenance engineering, marketing, ground service, flight, cabin, and the quality supervision and management and the senior leaders of relevant companies to hold a conference to guarantee "stretchers" safety. After the formation of the resolutions of the meeting, all departments carried out various tasks actively, conscientiously and efficiently, submitted applications to the Civil Aviation Administration, urgently called stretchers, arranged loading and unloading work of stretchers, and applied for security guarantees at airports in the two places. At 04:30 on April 8 (Beijing time), QD738 flight landed smoothly at Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport. At the moment when the hatch was opened, all the support personnel were ready, and the relevant ground service personnel and medical security personnel carefully and efficiently transferred the "stretcher passenger" to the ambulance. JC Aviation always pays attention to the interests of passengers, and strives to do a good job in various service guarantees. All employees are united and exert their collective strength. The cohesiveness of JC Aviation has been further strengthened and sublimated, and the first "stretcher passenger" guarantee work has been successfully completed.

Cambodia JC International Airlines successfully repaired engine blades


At 7:10 am on January 16th, when the XU-998 aircraft of the JC International Aviation Maintenance Engineering Department of Cambodia executed the QD522 flight (Sihanouk Harbour - Siem Reap), the No. 1 engine was hit by a bird and the engine blade was seriously damaged. . Immediately, the Maintenance Engineering Department established an AOG repair team consisting of the Maintenance Control Center, the Aviation Material Purchasing Support Center, the Engineering and Planning Management Center, the Line Maintenance Center, and the Training Quality Department. Wang Hong, general manager of the maintenance engineering department was appointed as commander, and deputy general manager Zhao Bing as deputy commander. The Maintenance Engineering Department implements the tooling equipment preparation, air material leasing, damage confirmation, engineering evaluation, and personnel arrangement. Zhao Bing led the emergency field team to rush to Siem Reap Airport to carry out on-site fault confirmation and repair work. The Aviation Materials Purchasing Management Center quickly leased engine blades and transported them to Siem Reap Airport as quickly as possible. Indonesian engineer DADANG and Chinese engineer Lv Yuhuang were responsible for replacing the blade work. After 38 hours of emergency repair, the XU-998 aircraft finally recovered its airworthiness.