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Shenzhen is also known as "Pengcheng". In 1979, China's first special economic zone was established in Shenzhen. The former frontier area is now famous for its remarkable urban construction and economic development. Shenzhen is not only rich in recreational activities, but also convenient for eating, drinking and living. It is also a shopping destination for tourists. The livable residence of Shenzhen is probably because besides the bustling city, it still carefully carved the scenery of multiple spaces and time. Here you can see the wreckage of the Ming Dynasty, watch the white waves and sands on the western coast, and the micro-worlds in the theme parks such as Window of the World and Splendid China, getting a truly deep understanding of the multidimensional of the city.

Area: 2,050 km²

Population: 12,528,300 (2017)

Area code: 755

Local time:

Weather: The yearly average temperature is 22 °C (72 °F), and the yearly precipitation is 1933 millimeters (76 inches). Most of the Rainfall happens from June to August. Shenzhen is frequented by typhoons, which occur mainly from July to September.